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Sex Therapy

Sexuality is an integral part of one’s life, and throughout the lifespan a number of barriers, including (but not limited to) early messaging, sexual wounds, relationship difficulties, anxiety, and shame, can impact the ability to experience sex and sexuality in a whole and abundant way. Sex therapy helps individuals and couples enhance sexual fulfillment and/or resolve sexual conflicts and concerns. Interventions can vary from straightforward education to more extensive counseling around complex or longstanding issues.

I am trained from a Christian sex therapy approach that maintains a strong commitment to the sanctity and power of sexuality while providing competent, ethical treatment that helps you reach your goals for healing.

I work primarily with individuals experiencing the following sexual concerns:

  • Low sexual desire or conflict over different desire levels

  • Problems of arousal

  • Orgasmic difficulties

  • Unconsummated marriages

  • Challenges with penetration (Vaginismus or Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder)

  • Female Sexual Pain

  • Single adult sexuality

  • Past sexual abuse

  • Performance anxiety & skill deficits

  • Psychological aspects of fertility

  • Using sex as love (I do not treat sex addiction)

What to Expect:

Therapy will begin with a thorough sexual assessment to identify the contributing and maintaining factors to your sexual challenges and complaints. I will then provide a recommended process and protocol to address the specific sexual challenge. All treatment I provide approachs sexual difficulties from a biopsychosocialspiritual approach focusing on physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual roots to sexual challenges. The treatment plan may also include referrals and collaboration with a variety of medically trained professionals as needed.

Interested in Sex Therapy?

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