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Relationship Behavior

Attachment-Focused Interventions

People vary in their need for intimacy and closeness, but all human beings need relationship and connection. Attachment is a necessary task starting at birth, though how one attaches may differ. The quality of experience one has in relationships plays a part in forming the brain, regulating emotional and social behavior, and impacting nearly every facet of life.

The impact and endurance of early attachment experiences shape what our nervous system and subconscious brain come to expect and seek out in later relationships. Despite attempts to do the "opposite" at times, people find themselves in confusing and painful relationship patterns until they address the underlying, often subconscious roots.

Responses in relationship to others are not just a choice of willpower or based completely on feeling; they are a complex reaction of patterns that have neurobiochemically formed based on experience. In working with unwanted or destructive relational patterns, I work from the perspective that experience has shaped the pattern, and it is experience that can reshape the pattern. It takes intentional, consistent work, but change can absolutely be achieved. 

I specialize in treating the following relationship concerns:

  • Attachment disruptions

  • Codependent behaviors

  • Children of narcissistic parents

  • Adult children of addictive family systems

  • Past relational neglect and abuse

  • Impact of complex and developmental trauma

  • Compulsive behaviors

  • Female sexual dysfunction

No matter the challenge, I am here to help you and help bring about significant change.

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